Hydro components

The addition of hydro protection is Falerlegno’s latest innovation that guarantees even higher performances. We are able to offer frames, architraves, extensions and other components with the water-repellent protective layer applied along the entire surface.




Thanks to the application of the additional 3mm protective layer, swelling a and possible deformations in the event of contact with water are avoided. This protection prevents the penetration of water in the internal part of the components which avoids the expansion that usually occurs with humidity.


The frame is made of wood-core clad with a thin layer of HDF hydro layer (maximum thickness 3mm) on the entire surface of the profile forming one unique unit. The thicker the MDF, the lower the density which contributes to the crumbling of the central part. It is for this reason that we use a thinner MDF that provides uniformed resistance over the entire surface eliminating crumbles and cracks.


Our L shaped architrave is an integral part of the frame. The support is entirely in water-repellent HDF while the „folding system” used to fold the flaps and the shield ensures high mechanical strength. The telescopic effect of the architrave allows easy adaption to walls varying in thickness and facilitates the assembly to obtain a solid and aesthetically pleasing result.


The internal fir wood frame of the door is joined with the „finger joint“ technique which guarantees a lasting stability of the structure. Our door panels are filled with 4mm thick MDF, honeycomb cardboard structure or perforated plywood edged on 3 sides with ABS boarding resistant to humidity.

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