Vrata Adriatico d.o.o. operates as part of the Falerlegno group, a company founded in 1977. Today Falerlegno consists of 2 production lines; at the headquarters in Piane di Falerone on an aera of 22000m² where mainly frames and trims are produced and in Potenza Picena where pantographing and varnishing are done as well as finished custom doors. Also, a part of the group is the company Falerpannelli in Montelabbate where panels are produced. Falerlegno allows a constant supply of semi-finished products of various sizes and dimensions as well as personalized finished products which makes it an ideal partner for both craftsmen and large industries. Thanks to the dedication of its founders, the use of the best raw materials and cutting-edge production facilities, Falerlegno offers a high-quality standard at competitive prices.


With a production capacity of 800 doors per day, Falerlegno is able to gain a competitive advantage in lead times while the availability and storage capacity of the warehouse allows us to reduce delivery times. It offers the reliable quality of the „Made in Italy“; all the elements of the doors are produced exclusively in Italy while our professional staff can solve all your problems, advise and resolve any doubts in choosing the right style or assembly.


The internal fir wood frame of the door is joined with the „finger joint“ technique which guarantees a lasting stability of the structure and the wood. Our door panels are inlayed with the honeycomb structure, 4mm thick MDF, bordered on 3 sides with ABS edges.


Our quality is based on the choice of wood-core as the basis for the whole body of the frame. This makes it lighter, guarantees a high mechanical strength to support the hinges and contributes to the elasticity and flexibility of the wood while the use of thin HDF (maximum thickness 3mm) on the entire perimeter of the profile makes the surface perfectly smooth, a product coated without any imperfection and contributes to the precision and stability of the frame.


There are frames on the market that use MDF, sometimes even inside the panels. Usually, the MDF is thicker and that causes the core to absorb the moisture and crumble resulting in frame distortion. Our advantage lies in the use of a thinner water repellent HDF which contributes to a more resistant and durable product. For the production we use wood-core clad with a thin water repellent HDF which gives a uniform stability on the entire perimeter of the frame.

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